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Distracted eating is prevalent, whether it be snacking on chips while watching Netflix or working through lunch at a desk. Although it can appear innocent, it could lead you to overeat.

People who were distracted during a meal consumed more calories overall, according to a study of 24 studies. They consumed additional food later in the day as a result of it.

For today’s challenge, refrain from using your phone or computer while you’re eating, and don’t read a book or magazine. Also, turn off the TV. When you’re done, consider how this meal differed from others that you’ve had while distracted.

The idea is to pay attention to what we are eating and the quantity of how much we are eating.

Meaning when you are conscience ” mindful” of how much you have on your plate you don’t have to be calorie counting as much. Now I’m not saying to load your plate with a ton of food but a normal size portion of protein, starches, legumes, or vegetables. This should satisfy your hunger, and do not go back for seconds. Remember it takes 20 minutes for the brain to register the food in your stomach, that’s why nutritionists say not to eat too fast, and to take your time to eat plus it’s also better for digestion. When we eat fast food we feel blotted and uncomfortable because we usually eat this on the run or fast thus the name fast food.

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4 responses to “Free from interruptions, enjoy your meal”

  1. Carla Avatar

    Yes, I believe if we eat without distraction, then we would pay more attention to how much we are eating.
    Good point.

    1. JJ Avatar

      Thank you Carla for your reply, we are often engaged in a lot of distractions, our phones, TV, or even reading these distractions
      take away from this moment of enjoying our meal, and sometimes we are not aware of how much we eat or how quickly we eat. Just some thoughts
      to keep in mind to help you stay healthy.
      Cheers JJ

  2. Karyn Cotillo Avatar
    Karyn Cotillo

    This is great advice. I did not realize that it takes the brain 20 min. to register the food I’ve put in my body! Sometimes, when I’m hungry, I’ll have a decent portion of food, on my plate, and I’ll finish it…but, reach for more. I had no idea that I’m not giving my brain enough time, to register the food in my system!

    1. JJ Avatar

      Thank you Karyn for your reply, many of us make the mistake of eating fast and we
      eat sometimes too much because of that reason. Eating slower and enjoying our meals will help us to
      eat less and be more aware of the quantity of food we eat.
      Cheers JJ

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