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Welcome to goawayweight.com,

Hi, I’m JJ the founder of goawayweight.com experience and website. The Key is about finding a proper balance of Life, Food, and Activity also the choices we make. Watch portion size and be sure to drink enough water during your day. I’ll help you discover a lifestyle that fits you without having to constantly watch every bite you eat. Through setting goals, activity, and dieting.

Now that I’m stepping into a new decade in my life, I want to concentrate on trimming down and losing those extra pounds. I’m also thinking about protecting the integrity of my knees, hips joints, and overall body. We feel much more confident and attractive when we are comfortable in our clothes.

I have fond memories of exploring food through my dad who was a French Chef. He slowly introduced me to different foods. As I grew so did my appetite and palate. In the years that followed I discovered fast food. So, like most kids I enjoyed it. That brought me to put on 15 -20 lbs. and looked like a chubby bubby between the ages of 7-17. I was active in sports throughout my HS and College years. I was never close to being obese, yet it was uncomfortable for me. When we would go shopping with my mom, the clothes category was HUSKY it was embarrassing. The other challenge I had was we lived at my parent’s restaurant, so when I would get hungry at night. I would sneak passed my parent’s room go downstairs and eat to my heart’s content. I would usually go for something sweet.

Have you ever heard the expression “You are what you eat and drink”

I also have a formal educated in the Hospitality Industry. As I developed a palate for better foods, I’ve learned that “you are what you eat and drink” This is true!! I promise you I have seen this happen with friends that I have stayed in contact with through social media and get-togethers over the years.

People don’t put much thought into what they are eating. Carrying around those extra pounds for years takes a toll on the body. I am certainly not the first person nor the last to say through healthy food choices we can avoid many diseases. This lifestyle is adaptable to any age or gender. It’s never too late or early to make adjustments to our life.

I am on a mission to help people achieve a more vibrant and abundant life.

My mission, my objective, is to help YOU to achieve your goals. I want to help people discover the potential of a lifestyle change. I get a great deal of enjoyment in helping people to a healthier and more abundant life one body at a time.

I am on a mission to find out why some people lose weight and keep it off and for others, it sneaks back on. Staying on track is possible!! You can see and feel the results of the right foods that work with your body. When we have more energy and vitality, we become more willing to adjust our lifestyles.

I also would like to mention that this blog is possible due to its platform with over 2.2 million members. WealthyAffiliates.com, teaches you how to become successful and how to build blogs just like this. All you need is to find something you are passionate about such as dieting or fishing, gardening, or mountain biking the ideas are endless. If you are interested in connecting with me on the inside then you may definitely do so (it’s free to join, no obligation)

The Goal of goawayweight is to help you achieve your Goals

Ultimately my goal is to help YOU lose weight, through things that I have learned and through techniques and ideas that I am constantly researching and applying in the diet industry.

Whatsoever your goals may be to lose 100 lbs that you have been carrying around with you for years or to lose the final 5-10lbs to get ripped my website and its content is designed to help you with that.

I would like you to feel you can reach out to me if you have any questions, you may have or to share some ideas that may relate to your diet, calorie intake, overall health-related issues, weight, and exercise or just to say Hi that cool.

So that’s my story and why I care. Nice to meet you and hope you enjoy your experience within the walls of goawayweight.com experience here.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


JJ Ivaldi







2 responses to “About JJ”

  1. Ingrid Avatar

    Hi JJ tell you that it has been great to learn from you , how through your personal experiences you have been able to help me , exactly as you say , eating well , learning new techniques makes life easier , saludable and more comfortable . Thank you and I hope to continue learning more.

    1. JJ Avatar

      Thank you, Ingrid, for your comment it helps me to know that I can help you. I will keep providing information on this journey of health and growth.
      Many people are not aware of the power we have to make the right choices in the food we eat and how those choices are important for a healthy and wellbeing.
      stay tuned

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