What happens to us as we get older?

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Your genes may also influence where you store fat and your likelihood of being overweight or obese. Despite your age and genetics, combining the calories you eat with movement can help avoid weight gain. A beer belly can result from excessive alcohol consumption, but beer isn’t the only offender. Any type of excessive alcohol consumption might lead to an increase in belly fat because it contains calories. If you do consume alcohol, do so sparingly.

You’ll consume less calories and be less prone to build belly fat if you drink less. So how can you tell if your tummy fat is too much? Your waist size:

Put a tape measure around your bare tummy just above your hipbone while standing.
Pull the measuring tape tight around your body without pressing against your skin. Ensure that the tape measure is level from top to bottom.
Remain calm, breath, and measure your waist without sucking in your stomach.

An undesirable concentration of belly fat and an increased risk of heart disease are indicated in males with waist measurements of more than 40 inches (102 cm).






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