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  • What are the Benefits of Juicing Fruits and Veggies?

    Juicing has gained popularity as a means to consume food that has had its nutrients extracted, and for good cause. Through the process of juicing, the juice from fruits and vegetables is extracted, offering a concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Following are some benefits of juicing fruits and veggies. Enhanced absorption of nutrients: When we […]

  • Causes of bloating after eating …

    When a change in lifestyle is ineffective Bloating is typically merely your body’s reaction to particular foods or routines. But, if bloating doesn’t go away after making dietary adjustments, it might be time to discuss the issue with your doctor. This is particularly true if the bloating is accompanied by excruciating cramping and irregular bowel movements. There could be underlying health issues with: Crohn’s illness food intolerances Inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) lactose sensitivity celiac illness gluten intolerance Bloating is not something you have to put up with forever. You should keep in mind that figuring out the source can eventually assist in preventing painful bloating occurrences. If you require additional assistance in identifying the best meals or supplements to reduce bloat, consult a trained dietitian. ARE YOU AWARE? The U.S. and the American Heart Association

  • 10 top reasons walking benefits us, pub-8446892271069924, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 The challenge for today is a little different because we’ll be shifting the emphasis from food to practicing mindfulness skills and the top 10 reasons walking benefits us.<script async src=”″crossorigin=”anonymous”></script> Making a stronger connection to nature and developing a greater appreciation for your surroundings may be facilitated by taking walks without […]

  • Recognize your signs of Contentment, pub-8446892271069924, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Food should be appreciated, but occasionally a craving might make you overeat. Choose a favorite food and eat it when you’re not hungry, ideally in between meals, for today’s challenge. It may be salty or sweet. Without any interruptions, take a seat and as you eat, ask yourself these questions: After […]